Robotic Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Do you find yourself exhausted with the laborious activity of lawn mowing? Do you want to enjoy relaxing moments in a splendid garden without worrying about tedious task of mowing? A robot lawnmower is definitely something to free up your time. This instant aid for your garden is designed particularly to give you a healthy lawn all year round without painstaking hassles.

robotic-lawn-mowerIt is the time to get the right one for your garden. In order to buy the best automower, it is important to know about some factors that influence your purchasing decision. This robotic mower’s buying guide will definitely be a big shot for you to get the perfect mowing mate.

How Does A Robot Mower Work?

Before going on to the factors, it is important to have a better understanding about the way a robotic mower operates. Remember, a robot lawnmower is a mulching mower that cuts the grass into fine clippings. They do not collect the grass like traditional mowers. So, this kind of mower gives an efficient working without any emission of oil, fumes or other pollutants.

They have a battery that is charged in order to carry out the mowing. As the battery gets low, the automower returns back to the charging dock to get a full recharge. (In some cases, you manually need to recharge by plugging the cord into outlet). The automatic mower comprises a control and navigation system that lets the robot take actions according to the sensed information as well as move it through the predetermined space.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Robotic Lawnmower:

1. Lawn Requirements:

First, evaluate the lawn’s space to see what kind of mower will suit it best. Depending upon the size and terrains of the lawn, a robotic mower can be purchased accordingly.

2. Charging Time:

Since the robotic mowers are operated through the battery, the charging time of the battery is another critical element you should consider when buying the automatic mower. Do a little research about models you are interested in and find out how long it takes for the battery to be completely charged and how long does it run on a single charge. These charging times vary dramatically from low as 50 minutes to high as 24 hours.


3. Charging Type:

Another element worth being considered is the type of charging you would like to be included. Many models are available with a manual charging facility. In this case, you need to monitor the battery and if it is low, you have to plug in the cord into outlet. Another available options is to have a charging base station. As the mower detects low charging or finishes the current activity, it goes back to the dock for a recharge.

4. Durability:

A very important element is to purchase a durable robot lawnmower. There are many models with weatherproof designs that prevent the mower from any damages or malfunctioning while being in adverse weather conditions. Moreover, the rain detection sensor protects the mower. This feature will stop the mower from further running if it detects rain.

5. Programmability:

Do you want to set the mowing schedules yourself? The programmability features extend the comfort and easiness. Many automatic mower models have dedicated control panel with clear buttons to let the user program the schedule. Moreover, the remote control also facilitates users in terms of controlling the device while being away from that space.



With all the above-mentioned features clarified, you can grab a great robot lawn mower. So, start your selection and buy the right one for you. For more available models and robotic mower reviews just click here.

Solar Powered Robotic Lawn Mowers

Do you want to enjoy the lovely mornings while drinking coffee in your yard? If yes, you must own a lawn with flawless beautiful trimmed grass. But it takes a number of hours for mowing a lawn in order to have a well-maintained shape. Operating a lawn mower to have the desired level of grass is another tedious household chore that adds further burden to your activities.
solar powered lawn mowerBut now, thanks to the great Robotics industry that intervenes to reduce our laborious tasks, we have a great machine at our service. With a robot mower, you can have everything done automatically without even your guidance. So, you can have a pretty shaped yard with perfect trimming without any difficulty anymore. There are many types of automatic lawn mowers including electric or battery powered, gasoline and even solar powered lawn mower. Before digging deeper, first, explore the insights into robotic mowers.

How Does An Automatic Lawn Mower Work?

It is preliminary to understand how a robot mower works… An automower is designed to perform lawn mowing on its own without any kind of human involvement or guidance. So, the robotic mower must be designed in a manner that it should:

– Have the capability to detect the area.

– Be able to monitor changes in the environment.

– Map the surroundings and the detected area efficiently.

– Detect objects  and avoid obstacles in the path.

– Move about the area without any problem.

The architecture of the robotic mower comprises of the following major components:

  • Control system (software with electrical parts)
  • Chasis
  • Front and rear wheels
  • Blades
  • Drive Motor
  • Mechanism to release grass
  • Control panel

1. The Control System:

The software or control system of an automatic lawn mower is the brain. It is this system that guides a robot to take  actions on the basis of information captured by sensors. This is actual a microprocessor that controls sensors and actuators and enables a robot to perform everything on its own.

solar powered lawn mower 1

2. The Navigation System:

It is critical to keep the robot mower in the desired area of the lawn and prevent it from going other places. So, the navigation system should be smart enough to guide the automower to work on the predetermined path. In this regard, a robotic mower uses a satellite connection and a wire or a video camera to detect the surroundings and the edges of the lawn.

Solar Powered Robotic Mowers Are Highly Efficient:

There are different ways to power up the mower and make it operational. One is obviously to use electricity, gas or battery-powered lawn mowers. These machines make use of electricity or gas as the basic resource to get charged. But what makes these lawn mowers really an inconvenient option is the huge CO2 emissions that pollute environment greatly.

Solar Mowers: Eco – Friendly Option:

In order to enjoy an efficient as well as eco – friendly lawn mowing, the solar powered mowers present the best option. But you should know that there is not much variety available in the market if you are interested in purchase a solar powered mower. What you can do is to include a separate solar battery charger with electric mowers to convert them into an emission-free solar lawn mower.

solar powered lawn mower 2These solar lawnmowers contain solar panels on their surfaces that get charged in the sunlight. After doing work on a single charge, the automower goes back to its base station for getting recharged. Usually, the solar mowers include base stations that use electricity for recharging. But to enjoy an environmentally friendly option, you must get the solar charger to replace those conventional base stations and can save environment from many hazards off pollution.

Advantages of a Solar Powered Lawn Mower

  • Selecting a solar-powered lawn mower over other options will definitely get your neighbours attention. More and more costumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Any green tools and eco-friendly activities can only be seen as a positive thing.
  • The sun is a free energy source, available to everyone 365 days a year
  • You can enjoy lots of cost savings with solar-powered lawn mowers, that are powered by the sunlight and not by expensive electricity or fuels

We need to automate the future and using solar powered robot mowers is a great step in this direction.

LV-Robot Auto Robot Lawn Mower Review

In order to enjoy the beautiful evenings in a healthy lawn, you have to make hard efforts. A lawn demands attention and consistent workout must be performed, so the regular maintenance sometimes becomes a tedious chore. Nowadays thanks to the innovative robot lawn mowers, we have a great solutions in our hands.

robotic lawn mowerThe robotic lawn mower is something that will truly work hard to bring a real beauty to your lawn. You can enjoy an evenly cut grass with the fresh and healthy look by using a high-quality automatic lawn mower. There are many robotic mowers available in the market, but selecting THE ONE is not that easy. Here, we are presenting the review of a great robotic mower with efficient functionality.

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model is the outstanding mower from LV Robot. How the mower can help you out in performing efficient mowing, this review will give you a detailed analysis.

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Newest Model 1

1. Introduction of Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012:

So, here is the Auto Robot 2012 newest model. This robot mower is an exemplary model manufactured by LV Robot that is designed to meet basic and enhanced mowing requirements. Besides mowing operation, the automower can give you many other outstanding features in terms of efficiency, safety, and durability. LV Robot has worked hard while designing this model and therefore introduced a number of features to give high-quality results.

  • The product comprises of the mower with charging station, pegs, virtual wire, fuse, charger, wire connector and other such accessories in order to design a complete setup.
  • Auto Robot Lawnmower 2012 by LV Robot is an intelligent mowing system with advanced sensors and technology. The machine is quite easy to operate and does not need any human assistance.
  • This lightweight automower can perform auto mowing, auto cleaning and auto recharging while maintaining the highest standards of safety and proficiency.

2. Product Features & Specifications:

Let’s explore the unparalleled features and specification of the Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model that will definitely serve you in a variety of aspects:

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Newest Model 2

i. Automatic Charging:

Like every robotic mower, Auto Robot 2012 model is also equipped with automatic charging function. The automatic grass cutter comes packaged with a charging station. As the mower finds the lower battery, it goes back to the charging dock to get a full recharge.

ii. Human Sensors:

The Auto Robot 2012 newest model is the automatic lawn mower that produces an improved performance as compared to previous models. It incorporates human sensors that will let the mower stop working within 2 seconds, when its handle is touched by someone or when it is titled over 30 degrees.

iii. Ultrasonic Sensor:

In order to detect obstacles, the design does not employ any ordinary sensor. Rather, an ultrasonic sensor is deployed that enables the robotic mower to change its direction when it detects any obstacle like pathways, ponds. Instead of bumping into people or obstacles, the mower navigates away and continues an efficient path of mowing.

iv. Rain Detection:

With a smart rain sensor, the Auto Robot Automower 2012 model can detect when it starts raining. The mower stops working when it detects rain and returns back to the charging base to wait for the rain to stop. You can also deactivate this feature with a button if you want the mower to continue its operation during rain.

v. Anti-Theft Alarm:

A built-in anti-theft alarm system is provided to assure security. Similarly, a lift sensor is there as well that stops the mower within 2 seconds if it is lifted from the floor. This also helps in keeping the mower safe.

vi. PIN Code Lock:

Extending the security features, the Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 also provides Pin code lock feature. You have to enter the correct password in order to start the automower.

vii. Cutting Height Selection:

The humanistic cutting height selection feature is there and this allows a user to select height from the options of 3 cm and 6 cm.

viii. Planetary Motor Technology:

To enhance the functionality of this robotic lawn mower, an advanced technology is utilized for cutting and running motors. Referred to as the Planetary Motor Technology, it ensures an efficient power consumption with high performance even if the mower is excessively used.

3. Pros & Cons:

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Newest Model 3

Some of the major pros and cons of Auto Robot Lawn mower 2012 are listed below:


i- Greater Battery Life – The Auto Robot 2012 model offers a facility to consumers to opt from Lead acid batteries or Lithium-ion batteries. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Opting for lithium-ion batteries will serve you with longer battery life an efficient power ratio.

ii- Upgraded Security – As compared to previous automower models by LV-Robot, the security is improved in Auto Robot 2012 model. Besides a built-in anti-theft alarm system, a Pin code security lock further secures the machine. This will keep children away from operating the device.

iii- Easy Cutting Height Selection – The humanistic design of Auto Robot Lawn Mower comprises of two cutting height options. You can easily select the cutting height (either 3 cm or 6cm) just by using a screwdriver.

iv- Water – Proof Design – This is another exciting feature of this automatic lawn mower. Although, there is a rain detection sensor in the mower, it is also waterproof. As you deactivate the rain detection system, the mower will keep functioning during rain without any kind of malfunctioning.

v- Efficient Rain Detection – A mighty rain sensor is incorporated and this keeps your Auto Robot 2012 Lawn Mower safe from rain. Although it is water – proof, when the detector senses rain, the mower stops working and returns back to the charging dock. This ensures an additional safety of the mower.

vi- Easy Mowing Schedule Setup – With an easy to operate control panel, the mowing schedule can be set up for one week. Remember that mowing can be scheduled for one time a day.

vii- Massive Operation Time – With Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model, you will be amazed with a massive operation time of around 1500 hours.


i- Price – The price can be a critical issue for people having a low budget, but it is worth every penny!

ii- No Remote Control – There is not any remote control or Bluetooth connectivity option that might result in the reduced flexibility.

4. Why to Buy Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Model:

With Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model, you have everything you could possibly desire in this perfect robotic lawn mower. An easy to operate control panel with options to set mowing schedule is definitely a worthy feature. With upgraded security features and a waterproof design, the mower presents a great option. For some individuals the price might be a problem, but comparing this price with the features it offers, the price remains not such a big issue. In fact, it will be an investment that will benefit you for a number of years.

Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower AUTOMOWER®

When it comes to getting rid of the tedious lawn mowing operations, we always look for reliable lawn mowers. Thanks to the technology that has made our lives quite easier, with a robotic lawn mower you can simply get the job done with proficiency and in a cost efficient manner as well.

HUSQVARNA OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT 220AC Robotic MowerHusqvarna is the big player in the industry of lawn mowing and has been serving with its high-tech products. You can enjoy a flawless, perfectly finished yard with everything evenly cut and leveled. We have got a mind blowing product HUSQVARNA 220 AC Robotic Lawn Mower and this detailed analysis will give you a comprehensive guide related to the product.

1. Introduction of the HUSQVARNA 220 AC Automower:

Extending the series of high-tech products, HUSQVARNA has come up with something that will definitely simplify lawn mowing in an incredible way. The HUSQVARNA 220AC automower is an advanced robotic mower that is designed to give wonderful mowing results for the areas up to 0.5 acres.HUSQVARNA OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT 220AC Robotic Mower 1Being suitable for the smaller yards or spaces, this robot lawn mower manages to mow in an efficient manner and comes packaged with a charging station. As it finds a need to get charged, it goes back to the charging base automatically to get fully recharged. With a simple design, the automower comprises of the following specifications:

  • The design is uncomplicated with a 19-buttons touch pad that allows a user to perform mower’s settings for the desired mowing activity.
  • An information panel is furnished in the form of LCD screen that displays menu for settings and relevant information.
  • Based on a battery system, the robotic mower owns an eco-friendly design with essential sensors in order to provide the desired level of operation in a secure way.

2. Product Features & Specifications:

The meticulous analysis of HUSQVARNA 220AC automatic lawn mower helped us in revealing the features of the product. Following are the specifications of this automower that will help an individual in obtaining a well-shaped yard.

 i. Automatic Charging:

Like most of the other contemporary models, HUSQVARNA 220AC robotic mower also comes with a charging base. The automower is equipped with automatic charging capability that lets it return back to the charging station when it finds a drop in charging and needs to get a full recharge. After getting charged the mower resumes the operation from where it left off.


Similarly, after finishing the current activity, the machine goes back to the dock in order to get charged for the next activity.

HUSQVARNA OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT 220AC Robotic Mower 6ii. Easy Menu Settings:

The menu settings are made simpler with an information panel in the form of a small LCD screen. Using the 19buttons touch pad, the machine can be controlled and settings can be altered in order to set mowing schedules.

iii. Working Area Capacity:

The HUSQVARNA 220AC automower is capable of mowing an area up to 0.5 acres. So, these devices are suitable for smaller yards. But if you have a large sized lawn, this lawn mower will complete cutting the grass in one charging cycle and than return to the charging dock for recharge and finish the remaining area.

iv. Cutting Capability:

The cutting deck of this automatic lawn mower is equipped with 3 pivoting razor blades. These sharp blades are made up of carbon steel mounted on a strong cutting disc system. This unique cutting system ensures a healthy lawn with a nice and frequent cutting.


The user can manually set cutting height in the range of 0.8 to 2.4 inches whereas the cutting width can be set up to 8.7 inches.

v. Maximum Incline:

The automower is able to perform mowing for slopes having an incline of maximum 20 degrees. That is why HUSQVARNA 220AC is appropriate for yards that have little terrain differences.

vi. Anti-Theft Security:

Alongside the built-in anti-theft alarm system, there is a PIC code lock facility in the robot lawn mower. You can set a particular Pin code in order to keep children away from operating the machine.


vii. Obstacle Sensors:

The robotic mower has built-in obstacle sensor, tilt and lift sensors as well. This enhances the system to detect any kind of objects in its path and enable the device to navigate away from such obstacles.

3. Pros & Cons:

How HUSQVARNA 220AC mower can benefit an individual from varying respects? What are the pitfalls of the machine? Let’s explore these in detail:


i. High Reliability – It is an undeniable fact that buying a robotic lawn mower from the house of HUSQVARNA assures you of reliable and high-quality lawn mowing. The company has been in the industry for about 20 years and with continuous excellence in research and development, their products are high-tech with outstanding performance. With HUSQVARNA 220AC automower, you will have a reliable mowing with a consistent performance.

ii. Eco-Friendly – One of the greatest benefits of HUSQVARNA 220AC is its eco-friendly design. While running the mower, you don’t need to worry about the disturbance created due to noise. It quietly performs the operation without emitting any kind of petrol fumes.


iii. Finest Lawn Cutting – With the unique cutting system, HUSQVARNA 220AC produces the finest level of cutting that gives a healthy and impeccable look to your yard. The cutting deck comprises of the sharp razor blades made up of carbon steel and provide a thorough cutting that can not be achieved with conventional mowers.

iv. Enhanced Security – This automatic lawn mower is designed while incorporating robust safety features. With a built-in alarm system, there is a Pin code lock facility as well. This will keep children or other users of any age away from operating the device.


v. Easy to Operate – Above all, the device is considerably easy to operate with a simple control panel and automatic charging facility. It can handle a single lawn with a small area (of up to 0.5 acres) efficiently and will give you a consistent performance with fine cutting results.


i. Frequent Charging –  One of the pitfalls of HUSQVARNA 220AC automower is the use of NiMH batteries. These batteries are not highly durable as compared to lithium-ion batteries. That is why they hold a shorter charge and operate only for 45 minutes in  a single charging cycle.

The frequent charges are required to complete entire lawn’s mowing. Moreover, these batteries need to be replaced every two to three seasons. Whereas the lithium batteries have a lifecycle of about three to five years.

ii. No Rain Detection – Unlike many of the modern lawnmowers (like Worx Landroid, Robomow RS622, and other competitors), there is no rain sensor included in HUSQVARNA 220AC robotic mower. So, if it starts raining or in extreme humidity, the mower continues its operation that might damage the mower.

iii. Incapable of Multizone Mowing – Although, HUSQVARNA 220AC automower has many capabilities, it is not an efficient option for the lawns that have multiple areas to mow or divided by the pavements as it lacks the multizone capability.

iv. Lack of Remote Control – The device does not include a remote control or mobile app facility. So, you need to perform settings of the mower at the base station. This lacking definitely results in a sort of inflexibility.

4. Why Should You Buy HUSQVARNA 220 AC Robotic Lawn Mower?

HUSQVARNA 220AC automower has many of the design and operation efficiency that make it a smart option for a singular and small yard. Although, it has a few pitfalls with the lack of remote control, rain detector, and long lasting batteries.


But if you have a small lawn without multiple areas and need an easy to operate mowing device, HUSQVARNA 200AC is definitely the robot mower that will give you long-term benefits. Since the machine poses a higher maintenance cost, it is recommended for the people for whom cost is not a critical factor.