Best Robotic Lawn Mower On The Market

The robotics industry is coming up with innovations every day to serve everyone in an unsurpassed manner. Just like the robotic vacuum cleaners, this technology has fled into the lawn mower specialty as well. With a variety of robotic lawn mowers, one can have a trimmed, cleaned and well-maintained lawn being free of hassles. In order to get the best robotic mower, you need to plunge into a bit research. Here, are compiled some of the best-selling and highly rated robotic lawn mowers to help you out in making your decision.

1. Bosch Indego Robotic Lawn Mower:

For the people who want to keep trimmed lawns with an efficient mower providing smart navigation capability, Bosch Indego is definitely a worth investing solution. This is one of the best robotic lawn mowers and this machine is equipped with a technology that enables to learn about the entire layout of the lawn while cutting the grass. This ensures it never skips any part nor cuts any area multiple times.

robotic lawn mower 1

With advanced sensors, the Indego is capable of detecting obstacles in the path. Once detecting the objects or obstacles, it moves around and takes on a selected route to avoid those distractions. It has an integrated alarm system to alert you when it is stolen. Moreover, a PIN code lock is also provided to cater you with advanced security. It is capable of cutting a 10-inch wide path of up to 0.25 acres. The major drawback is its very limited working time that is about 50 minutes. And once you forget the PIN code, you cannot cut your grass using it.

2. Robomow RM510 Robotic Mower:

Robomow is the big player in automatic lawn mower industry. The company has always come up with great products to cater the consumers’ needs. With Robomow RM510, you purchase a lawn mower that can keep your relaxed from all hassles. The product is particularly brilliant for the people who look for enhanced safety in the mower. A number of safety elements are added to ensure its higher functionality without any problem.

robotic lawn mower 2

As the mower detects any obstacle, the blades get stopped and it changes the direction and takes on another optimal route. A child safety lock is provided in the design to prevent the children from operating the mower. In order to prevent it from others, a PIN code system is also integrated into the design. Another advanced feature to be enjoyed with this mower is the edge mode that follows perimeter wiring around a lawn to detect the edges smartly.

3. Husqvarna Automower 220AC:

This automower comprises of a simple architecture and is capable of mowing a lawn up to 0.35 acres. This model utilizes NiMH battery instead of lithium batteries. Ni-MH batteries have shorter charging life, so that they need frequent recharging and are required to be replaced every two to three seasons. A 19-button touch pad and LCD screen are included with the robot and these features facilitate the user to set scheduling and mowing preferences. All such settings should be completed while it is on the base.

robotic lawn mower 3

There are different safety measures included like, a PIN code lock,that prevents anyone else to operate it and an anti-theft alarm system is deployed to prevent it from being stolen. The lawn mower works best on the yards with leveled surfaces and lighter terrain differences. The major drawbacks in this model are the unavailability of remote control and wireless operability, and it does not have any multi-zone capability as well.

4. LawnBott LB3210 Automatic Lawn Mower:

If you are looking for an energy efficient mowing option, LawnBott LB3210 is an ultimate mower to catch your eye. This automatic lawn mower is smart enough to perform mowing for up to 1 acre of an area with an additional capability to work on 25-degree slopes. Designed using Adaptive Programming Technology, it is equipped with a feature to adapt its functionality according to the particular requirements of your yard.

robotic lawn mower 4Moreover, the mower concentrates on one particular section at a time with advanced Spiral Cut Programming that also lets it stay away from the areas having a higher amount of grass. The design shows a drop in performance when it occasionally goes outside the designated boundaries. Another pitfall is the periodic replacement of wheels and brushes for the mower to work properly.

As you discovered comparing the various types lawnmowers, it is quite difficult to say which model is the best for anyone. It all depends on which one will work best according to your requirements and specifications.

If you have a big garden, buy an automower that has a long battery life. If the garden has some hills and slopes, choose a mower that can handle the gradients. If in your garden are many tiny obstacles, pick a mower that uses ultrasound and not one that has bump detectors.

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