Choosing The Best Robotic Lawn Mower

When you own a home with a large lawn than a lawn mower is one of the basic essential tools for you. Nowadays, the digital innovations can make our lives much easier. Like many others household chores, the lawn mowing can also be automated thanks to the robotics. A robotic mower is a tool that comes really handy when you need an efficient lawn mowing in an autonomous manner.

Working Area
Automatic Charging
LawnBott LB3210
Robotic Lawn Mower
Robotic Lawn Mower
1 acre
Robomow RS622
Robotic Lawnmower
Robotic Lawn Mower
WORX Landroid
Robotic Lawn Mower
Robotic Lawn Mower
Husqvarna 220
Cordless Electric
Robotic Automower
1/2 acre
No reviews
Auto Robot Lawn Mower
by LV-Robot
Robotic Lawn Mower
not provided
No reviews
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What is Automatic Lawn Mower?

When there is an automation incorporated, you have got the robotic version of the accessory. Therefore, an automatic mower is an automatic machine that requires minimal intervention from the user and knows how to give you an optimized level of grass cutting.

The basic principle on which robotic mowers operate is the same with some of the similar features including:

– Sensors: Used to identify different object and avoid obstacles

– Wheels: To enable the robot for navigating the given space

– Blades: Used to cut grass appropriately at the desired level

– Guided Wire: That prevents user from crossing its boundaries

robotic lawn mower 2

How to Choose the Best Robotic Mower?

When you have decides to get a robot lawn mower for your space, you must take the right decision. You have a myriad of brands in the market to select one from, but how to ensure the best purchase? How to make sure that your selected a mower, that is a worth investing one?

robotic lawn mower 1

While choosing a robotic mower, you should keep an eye on the mentioned features :

1. Efficient Control System:

The control system of an automatic lawn mower plays a vital role in its performance.  Being like a brain and controlling all actions of the robotic mower, the control system is a combination of software and electrical parts. While selecting an automower, you need to look into the power of its control system.

What sensors are basically used to avoid obstacles? An intelligent robot should be capable of identifying the objects in its path so that it may avoid obstacles easily. Different models utilize a variety of sensors, with bumpers being the most widely used ones. They are more efficient as compared to the ultrasound sensors.

robotic lawn mower 3

What is being deployed to prevent the mower from entering any restricted area? The guided wire is the most common way to enable the robots in this regard. But these days, models are available that accompany guided wire with perimeter wire that restricts the mower to remain in the current area.

Look at the remote control provided to control mower’s activities. Many of the models are there with control pad enabling an owner to steer the robot from one to another area. There are some models available, which have the capability to move themselves automatically to a newer zone with the help of a guided wire.

2. Mulching Blades:

Obviously, the blades make a big difference in cutting an optimal level of grass. Since robotic mowers are designed to provide an automatic and regular grass cutting, they have to keep the lawn trim while automatically providing nutrition. You can find models with multiple blades that clip the tips of grass, and can chop them into dust.

On the other hand, a number of options with single blade varieties are there as well. In terms of mulching, loose blades can do really well with an optimal cutting.

robotic lawn mower 4

3. Wheel Arrangement:

The front and rear wheel arrangement is another factor to be considered while finalizing your decision. You can come across great varieties in this regard, with three or four wheel arrangements. Many of the models come with a smaller wheel at front with bigger rear wheels, while some are equipped with the bigger front wheel and smaller rear wheels.

4. Safety Measures:

It is crucial to have a robotic mower available with enhanced safety measures. Usually, the robots are equipped with an emergency shut-down feature. At the press of a button in case of emergency, the robot is stopped from doing further activities.

More advanced safety measures can include the wireless emergency stop that can be operated through a smartphone, or tablet or the Internet. Moreover, is the robot safe enough with high-quality sensors to keep itself in the current zone? All such safety elements bring more reliability to that automatic mower.

Buy a new robot lawn mower and you can sit back, relax and enjoy all those extra hours of leisure time you have just rewarded yourself with.

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