Features of A Robotic Lawn Mower

Keeping a lush green garden is something that many people crave for. But this is not that easy and needs a very tedious workout to be done. In order to keep your lawn in a well-maintained manner, the grass should be mowed, watering, spraying and a lot of other activities are there included in the list. But above all ‘Lawn Mowing’ is the essential before proceeding to other steps. Anyone who has seen the latest robotic lawn mowers in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the years.

robotic lawn mower 1

So, you need to get a high-quality lawn mower first. You can choose from a plethora of lawn mowers from manual to automatic models. And when there is the word automatic with anything, that refers to the Robotic capabilities. Yes, with the rapid improvements in robotic industry, the household chores are not such bigger problems anymore.

With a robotic mower, you can get all things done instantly while enjoying the sips of coffee. You can enjoy a hassle-free lawn mowing by setting your Robotic Lawn Mower with the specific instructions. This will give you a lovely grass cutting and mowing with an utmost efficiency. Let’s explore some of the prominent features of a robotic or automatic mower to get better insights.

1. Control System/Software Controlling Robot:

An automatic lawn mower cannot be autonomous completely unless it has an efficient control system.  The control system is the foremost feature for any robotic mower that is in the form of a programmed code and instructs the robot about what the user wants it to do.

robotic lawn mower 2

As much a control system is intelligent, that much a robot lawn mower would be efficient enough to take decisions and act on the basis of information captured through its sensors.

2. Mechanical Components:

When we talk about autonomous lawn mowers, it is not only the programmed software that controls its activities. In fact, it is a combination of software, mechanical, electrical and electronic components. There are many of the mechanical parts in a robotic mower much similar to that of a traditional mower but have more innovative and advanced form.

The major mechanical components in an automatic lawn mower include front and rear wheels, the drive motor, blades, chassis etc. In order to have a high-level functionality of a robotic mower, the mechanical parts must be quality oriented.

robotic lawn mower 3

3. Navigation System:

How is it possible to have a static robot to do proficient lawn mowing? Obviously, the robot must be capable of performing mowing while navigating the pre-determined space. That is the reason, a robot lawn mower demands an intelligent navigation system that guides it about space where it has to perform mowing.robotic lawn mower 4

In order to design a good navigation system, a robotic mower needs a video camera, satellite connection and wire (or grass detection sensors in advanced forms). When all these components are combined together, it results in an enhanced navigation system that will let your robot do an efficient navigation in the desired space, while preventing it from crossing the boundaries of your space.

4. Ability to Avoid Obstacles:

If the robotic mower is not capable of recognizing objects, collisions, and obstacles, it cannot achieve a smart navigation. Therefore, you must get the mower that has advanced sensors. These sensors are the primary elements that perceive information and send it to robotic mower in the form of signals.

After deciphering this captured information, a root uses actuators to act upon it. A variety of sensors is used for different purposes, including GPS, grass detection, infrared, accelerometer etc.

The days of manual lawn mowing are now long gone… No more family arguments about duties and chores and hard work in the hot sun. All you need to do is buy a robotic lawn mower. You can program this machine to your satisfaction, just by pressing a few buttons, before sitting down and watch your automower carry out your given instructions.