LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower

If you want a fresh, green and healthy lawn, but you get overburdened with the mowing responsibilities, a robotic lawn mower will be a great help for you. While deciding about an automower, there are many factors need to be considered. Besides your budget, operational capabilities and efficiency are the critical elements to finalize your decision.

LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower

Here is one great lawn mower that is being reviewed. LawnBott is definitely a big player in this industry that has a huge range of automatic lawn mowers. LawnBott LB3210 robotic mower is the one that might be a powerful option for your lawn. Let’s take a closer look of this mower to unfold its features.

1. Introduction of LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Mower:

LawnBott while maintaining their highest standards, has designed LB3210 robot lawn mower with an extremely hard work. The end result is the automower that will give your yard a fresh and pristine look with evenly cut grass. Being capable of self-charging, the mower can perform an efficient mowing of up to 1.25 acre. What makes the LawnBott LB3210 really prominent among other competitors and models, the following features will give you the insights of its design.

  • The LB3210 has a sleek and stylish exterior body with a shiny red color. This color automatically adds a refreshing beauty to its appearance and enhances the visibility even at night.
  • It is merely about 28 pounds in weight (although, the weight is a bit higher as compared to other like Landroid Automower) but it is considerably lighter to carry around.
  • The design of this automower consists of an easy to operate user interface. A 2-line LCD screen is there with intuitive control buttons. You will find ON button to turn on the mower, Off/Stop button to turn off, Pause/Start pauses the operation and resumes. You will also find a Charge button. If you press the charge button while the LawnBott is operating, it will go to the charging station. If you press the charge button while the mower is in the base, it will force a mowing session.

LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower 1

  • Moreover, for user facility, the package contains a remote control that can be used up to 20 feet away from the machine.LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower 2
  • As compared to other LawnBott models having rubber wheels, the LB3210 has upgraded ones replaced with new larger notched wheels.

2. Product Features & Specifications:

Here comes an overview of the product’s features and specifications. The LB3210 is equipped with the given features:

 Automatic Charging:

The LawnBott LB3210 automatic lawn mower is packaged with a charging base station. This enables the machine to perform charging automatically. When there is a drop in charging, the mower finds its way back to the base automatically and will recharge itself to the fullest.

 Lithium Battery:

The LB3210 automower is powered with Lithium batteries that are popular because of the longer life and can hold a charge for a longer period as well.

Working Capacity:

With the advanced design and high-end technology, the working capacity of the LB3210 robotic mower is outstanding as compared to other available automowers. It can proficiently mow the area of up to 1.25 acres that is around 33,000 square meters. Moreover, the multi zone capability enables it to operate up to 4 zones in order to manage the complicated yards.

Maximum Inclination:

Another feature that makes it further notable is its capability to have an inclination of up to 25 degrees.This is obviously an inclination that is higher than by other available robotic mowers and helps LB3210 to perform an operation on various terrains having slopes.

Spiked Wheels:

An optional add-on provided with the design is the spiked wheels. Although, the LawnBott LB3210 automower has notched wheels that provide greater traction but for the surfaces with dips, small holes, and slopes, the spiked wheels bring proficiency in the operation.

LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower 3

Adaptive Programming Technology:

The technology advancement in the design of LawnBott LB3210 is the use of Adaptive Programming Technology. It enables the robotic mower to adapt its programming as per the cutting requirements of a yard.

Advanced Spiral Cut Programming:

Employing this smart technology, the LB3210 makes use of spiral mode in order to concentrate on a particular area or zone that demands greater attention. As the mower detects a large amount of grass, the automower enters into Spiral mode instead of performing an operation with the random mowing pattern. This way the mower starts cutting with a small spiral that works outward until the resistance gets a week.

LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower 4

3. Pros & Cons:

With the LawnBott LB3210 Automatic Lawn Mower, you can enjoy a high number of benefits. But the product may show some drawbacks at the same time. The listed pros and cons will give you detailed insights of the product.


  • Compact & Lightweight – The LawnBott LB3210 is a lightweight automower with a considerable low weight. This makes it easy to be moved around while due to the compact structure the mower can easily enter into narrow or hard to reach regions.
  • Enhanced Working Capacity – With a working capacity of up to 1,25 acres, the LB3210 presents an enhanced solution for consumers. The people with large sized lawns will definitely love this robotic lawn mower with enhanced functionalities.
  • Flexibility with  Remote Control –  A remote control offers greater flexibility, so that you will be relaxed while using this automower. The package includes a remote control that can be used up to 20 feet away from the mower.
  • Comfort with Multizone Capability – In order to serve customers with greater enhancements, the multizone capability is incorporated in the design of the LB3210. The automower can work up to 4 zones in the yards that have intricate shapes.
  • Low Maintenance Cost – The design of the LB3210 Robot Lawn Mower comprises of parts that are durable and do not need frequent replacements. This obviously increases the life of the machine by keeping maintenance cost lower.
  • Durable Operation – Since the Adaptive Programming technology enables the mower to change its programming as per the cutting requirements, this saves battery life and increases the durability of electric motors also.
  • Focused Operation – With Advanced Spiral Programming technology, the mower can focus potentially on the areas where it detects larger grass or patches to be cut evenly. This further contributes to a great looking landscape, with even cut grass.

LawnBott LB3210 Robotic Lawn Mower 5


  • Higher Price – The LawnBott LB3210 is around $2,599 – that is a quite high price. This may be a problem for people with low budget.
  • Limited Range of Remote Control –  Since the remote control can be used up to 20 feet from a lawn mower. This is a limited range and results in a reduced flexibility.
  • Time Consuming Installation – The one-time installation can take many hours to get complete.

4. Why Should You Buy The LawnBott LB3210 Automower?

Here you can get more familiarity with the LawnBott LB3210 automatic lawn mower.Now you know all the areas where it excels in and the fewer areas it poses problems. But above all, compared to the higher number of perks of this mower, the pitfalls are obviously negligible. Investing in such a proficient lawn mower will be a wise decision as it is worth its higher price.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go and buy this automower with all bells and whistles to keep your yard fresh, healthy and immaculate.