LV-Robot Auto Robot Lawn Mower Review

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robot mower is a great assistance in order to get rid of the laborious chores of lawn mowing and trimming. If you have more than one lawn area, a robotic mower is a great tool to get help from. By turning the schedules and other settings in, this automatic mower can do wonders for you.robotic-lawn-mower-2

Look What a Robotic Mower Offers

When it comes to purchasing a robotic mower for your own space, there are many factors to look into. From price range to mowing capabilities, a number of features should be thoroughly inspected to take a final decision. Some of the prominent factors are listed below:

1. Control Features:robotic-lawn-mower-1

The control features are used to monitor the overall functionality of a robotic mower. In this regard, it is significant to check how simple it is to program the mower. Is it easy for you to set schedules and hours of operation for the robot? Some robots are programmable only with their base and they do not offer any remote control features. More advanced models are equipped with a remote control option, that operates it via Wi-fi, mobile or any tablet.

2. MultiZone Navigation:

Another thing to look into is the navigation ability of the robotic mowerIf you want an automatic grass cutter that can navigate easily to different areas of the lawn, it is important to look for the one that has multi-zone navigation feature.

3. Power Options:

How much power and what source of power is required by the mower – these are crucial factors to consider. The varying power resources may include, solar power, batteries or through some electrical means. How much time the charging continues and what time it takes the mower to get completely charged – all these questions should be answered while analyzing the power requirements.

Top-Notch Robotic Mowers:

Here, we have compiled some of the best robotic lawn mowers. Analyzing their design features and other characteristics will help you in making a fair comparison of all.

1. Robomow RM510 Robotic Mower:

It is one of the best designs from Robomow, that has been in this industry for about 10 years. This robot lawn mower is a brilliant design for the safety-conscious guys. With advanced and multiple safety measures, the design performs very well. In a reasonable price range of around $1,099, the robotic mower is strong in detecting an obstacle. As it detects any obstacle or object, it stops the blades and changes its driving direction.

Robomow RM510 Robotic Mower:

The prominent feature that makes this mower really an intelligent one is its safety enhancements with a Pin code locking system that prevents children or other unknown people from operating the mower. An anti-theft alarm is also integrated into the design, which adds more value to its security. This model is the predecessor of the RS630 robotic mower. Its design has some tremendous features like the fact that it performs mowing for about 150 minutes, while the RS630 only offers just 90 minutes working. On the other hand, it needs 960 minutes to get fully charged, while its successor needs only 120 minutes for a full recharge.

This automatic lawn mower has a programmable design, but does not offer facilities of remote control and smartphone app. Furthermore, the design incorporates lift sensor with mechanical collision detection, but it does not have any rain detector. Its major pitfall is the chance of being stuck in troughs or ditches and the fact that it needs a little more time to set it up.

2. Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower:

Another masterpiece from Robomow is the successor of the RM510 model, the RS630 robotic mower. By making advancements in the previous version, this model offers enhanced functionality with more sophisticated design features. The most prominent feature is its ultimate convenience, a high – level programmability. You can set the mowing time and frequency and then let automower do everything on its own.

Robomow RS630 Lawn Mower

One more upgrade compared to the RM510 model is the inclusion of rain sensor. The previous version was not able to detect rain, but this one has an automatic rain detector. If it rains, the mower will stop itself automatically after detection and will go back to its charging base. Although, it also does not offer remote control feature, it has a smartphone app that makes this model more sophisticated as compared to RM510.

The area where it lacks in comparison with its predecessor is the duration of its working time. Although it takes only 120 minutes to get fully charged the machine performs mowing for only about 90 minutes. It is also improved in terms of multi-zone capability, as it can efficiently navigate through 4 different zones. But it is quite pricey with the price of around $2,099.

3. Bosch Indego Robotic Lawn Mower:

Bosch is another reliable name in the robotic mowers market. With an ability to mow around 0,25 acres area, the Bosch Indego lets you enjoy a hassle-free mowing while relaxing in the living room. The advanced design features incorporate parallel line cutting strategy that varies with each new cutting session. This helps it to perform grass cutting in an optimized manner. This automatic lawn mower is excellent in making sure that the entire space is properly mowed. With its learning capability, it first learns the layout of the lawn so that it never misses any area nor perform multiple mowing operations in a specific zone.

Bosch Indego Robotic Lawn Mower

The design offers a 50 minutes working time, so there will be multiple trips to he charging base while completing the operation in one lawn. Having an integrated alarm and Pin code safety lock, this lawn mower works great in terms of security. In fact, the mower can be controlled via a mobile device. But the short running time is a potential drop in this model. Also if you forget the PIN code, this will prevent you from operating your own device.

4. LawnBott LB85EL Automatic Lawn Mower:

One of the masterpieces that you will be enthralled with is the LawnBott’s LB85EL robotic mower. This automower is smart enough to mow a space up to 0.75 acres. With such an improved mowing capability, the design offers more sophisticated features in varying respects. As compare to Bosch Indego, Robomow and other prominent robotic mowers, LB85EL has an anti-stick detection feature that makes it different from all other models. With this feature, the mower is powerful enough to get rid of the dips and small holes in the lawn. After getting trapped in any such small holes, it will jiggle itself and will be back to its normal working mode.

LawnBott LB85EL Automatic Lawn Mower

However, the larger holes may be an issue where the user needs to intervene to get the mower out of the holes. The robot mower features a spike grip wheel design that enables it to climb slopes up to 28 degrees. So, if you pwn a lawn that has a sloped surface (but not the steeper slopes) LB85EL is definitely an ideal mower for you. It is also compatible with dog fences, but not with all.  So, check out the compatibility list to make sure if it will work for your fence or not.

Since it can be operated efficiently from a mobile device through its smartphone app, the design is more convenient with lots of incredible features. So, this automatic lawn mower is a great choice in a reasonable price range of $2699.

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