LV-Robot Auto Robot Lawn Mower Review

In order to enjoy the beautiful evenings in a healthy lawn, you have to make hard efforts. A lawn demands attention and consistent workout must be performed, so the regular maintenance sometimes becomes a tedious chore. Nowadays thanks to the innovative robot lawn mowers, we have a great solutions in our hands.

robotic lawn mowerThe robotic lawn mower is something that will truly work hard to bring a real beauty to your lawn. You can enjoy an evenly cut grass with the fresh and healthy look by using a high-quality automatic lawn mower. There are many robotic mowers available in the market, but selecting THE ONE is not that easy. Here, we are presenting the review of a great robotic mower with efficient functionality.

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model is the outstanding mower from LV Robot. How the mower can help you out in performing efficient mowing, this review will give you a detailed analysis.

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Newest Model 1

1. Introduction of Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012:

So, here is the Auto Robot 2012 newest model. This robot mower is an exemplary model manufactured by LV Robot that is designed to meet basic and enhanced mowing requirements. Besides mowing operation, the automower can give you many other outstanding features in terms of efficiency, safety, and durability. LV Robot has worked hard while designing this model and therefore introduced a number of features to give high-quality results.

  • The product comprises of the mower with charging station, pegs, virtual wire, fuse, charger, wire connector and other such accessories in order to design a complete setup.
  • Auto Robot Lawnmower 2012 by LV Robot is an intelligent mowing system with advanced sensors and technology. The machine is quite easy to operate and does not need any human assistance.
  • This lightweight automower can perform auto mowing, auto cleaning and auto recharging while maintaining the highest standards of safety and proficiency.

2. Product Features & Specifications:

Let’s explore the unparalleled features and specification of the Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model that will definitely serve you in a variety of aspects:

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Newest Model 2

i. Automatic Charging:

Like every robotic mower, Auto Robot 2012 model is also equipped with automatic charging function. The automatic grass cutter comes packaged with a charging station. As the mower finds the lower battery, it goes back to the charging dock to get a full recharge.

ii. Human Sensors:

The Auto Robot 2012 newest model is the automatic lawn mower that produces an improved performance as compared to previous models. It incorporates human sensors that will let the mower stop working within 2 seconds, when its handle is touched by someone or when it is titled over 30 degrees.

iii. Ultrasonic Sensor:

In order to detect obstacles, the design does not employ any ordinary sensor. Rather, an ultrasonic sensor is deployed that enables the robotic mower to change its direction when it detects any obstacle like pathways, ponds. Instead of bumping into people or obstacles, the mower navigates away and continues an efficient path of mowing.

iv. Rain Detection:

With a smart rain sensor, the Auto Robot Automower 2012 model can detect when it starts raining. The mower stops working when it detects rain and returns back to the charging base to wait for the rain to stop. You can also deactivate this feature with a button if you want the mower to continue its operation during rain.

v. Anti-Theft Alarm:

A built-in anti-theft alarm system is provided to assure security. Similarly, a lift sensor is there as well that stops the mower within 2 seconds if it is lifted from the floor. This also helps in keeping the mower safe.

vi. PIN Code Lock:

Extending the security features, the Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 also provides Pin code lock feature. You have to enter the correct password in order to start the automower.

vii. Cutting Height Selection:

The humanistic cutting height selection feature is there and this allows a user to select height from the options of 3 cm and 6 cm.

viii. Planetary Motor Technology:

To enhance the functionality of this robotic lawn mower, an advanced technology is utilized for cutting and running motors. Referred to as the Planetary Motor Technology, it ensures an efficient power consumption with high performance even if the mower is excessively used.

3. Pros & Cons:

Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Newest Model 3

Some of the major pros and cons of Auto Robot Lawn mower 2012 are listed below:


i- Greater Battery Life – The Auto Robot 2012 model offers a facility to consumers to opt from Lead acid batteries or Lithium-ion batteries. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Opting for lithium-ion batteries will serve you with longer battery life an efficient power ratio.

ii- Upgraded Security – As compared to previous automower models by LV-Robot, the security is improved in Auto Robot 2012 model. Besides a built-in anti-theft alarm system, a Pin code security lock further secures the machine. This will keep children away from operating the device.

iii- Easy Cutting Height Selection – The humanistic design of Auto Robot Lawn Mower comprises of two cutting height options. You can easily select the cutting height (either 3 cm or 6cm) just by using a screwdriver.

iv- Water – Proof Design – This is another exciting feature of this automatic lawn mower. Although, there is a rain detection sensor in the mower, it is also waterproof. As you deactivate the rain detection system, the mower will keep functioning during rain without any kind of malfunctioning.

v- Efficient Rain Detection – A mighty rain sensor is incorporated and this keeps your Auto Robot 2012 Lawn Mower safe from rain. Although it is water – proof, when the detector senses rain, the mower stops working and returns back to the charging dock. This ensures an additional safety of the mower.

vi- Easy Mowing Schedule Setup – With an easy to operate control panel, the mowing schedule can be set up for one week. Remember that mowing can be scheduled for one time a day.

vii- Massive Operation Time – With Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model, you will be amazed with a massive operation time of around 1500 hours.


i- Price – The price can be a critical issue for people having a low budget, but it is worth every penny!

ii- No Remote Control – There is not any remote control or Bluetooth connectivity option that might result in the reduced flexibility.

4. Why to Buy Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 Model:

With Auto Robot Lawn Mower 2012 model, you have everything you could possibly desire in this perfect robotic lawn mower. An easy to operate control panel with options to set mowing schedule is definitely a worthy feature. With upgraded security features and a waterproof design, the mower presents a great option. For some individuals the price might be a problem, but comparing this price with the features it offers, the price remains not such a big issue. In fact, it will be an investment that will benefit you for a number of years.

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