Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawnmower

It is great to see lush green lawns with blossoming flowers… But keeping an exotic yard is something that demands time and effort. Alongside other household chores, it becomes really tiresome to maintain your lawn on a regular basis. Nowadays, thanks to the emerging technology that paves ways for innovation and advancement, robotic lawn mowers can keep your lawn beautifully maintained while you RELAX.

robotic lawn mower

Robomow RS622 is a robot lawn mower that is dedicated to serving you with necessary functionality. Robomow is the company that has been thriving this market with their top notch products. Extending the RS series, Robomow RS622 features many of the things that will definitely give you a life-long relaxation.

1. Design:

The RS622 automower from Robomow incorporates the features that will give you a flawless finish with perfectly clipped grass. This automatic lawn mower is powered by a 26V lithium-ion battery and is capable of managing lawns up to 0.5 acres. The mower comprises of the following design elements:

robotic lawn mower 1

  • The design is simple and modular. So, it comprises of the parts that can be quickly changed.
  • RS622 features heavy duty motors and twin edged tri-blades to ensure a pristine finish of lawn.
  • Robomow RS622 has a charging station included in its package that enables the machine to get automatically recharged when it finds a drop in charging, or finishes the operation. The recharge lasts between 50 – 65 minutes while the recharging takes around 90 – 135 minutes.
  • In order to get started with the device, all you need to do is to lay out the simple set up of RS622. You can have everything in place by arranging a wire around the edges of grass.

2. Product Features & Specifications:

Let’s analyze the features and specifications of the Robomow RS622 lawn mower to have a detailed overview:

i. Automatic Charging:

This robotic lawn mower includes a charging dock with its package. Hence, the device is capable to automatically recharge itself in case of charging drop. The automatic charging is obviously an important feature of the RS622 robotic mower.

ii. Blue tooth:

The product has a feature of Bluetooth connectivity as well. With the mobile app, this feature works very well.

robotic lawn mower 3iii. Mobile App:

Robomow RS622 is aimed at facilitating the users. With the feature of the mobile app, one can have greater convenience and can operate the automower from anywhere with the help of a phone.

iv. Energy Usage:

The mower is efficient in terms of energy as well. It consumes only 25 kilowatts of energy (per month) during charging cycles that ensure its efficient energy usage.

v. Safety Sensor:

With the safety elements, the product is designed with powerful features. The safety sensor integrated with RS622 mower works smartly to stop blades immediately if the device is lifted up during operation. Similarly, if the mower finds any obstacle in its path, the blades will stop right at that moment.

vi. Rain Detection:

It is a weather-proof design that lets you worry-free in terms of rain and other adverse situations. The rain detection sensor stops the operation after detecting the rain and goes back to the charging dock and waits until the rain stops and surface water is completely absorbed.

robotic lawn mower 2

vii. Battery:

Having a 26V Lithium-ion battery, the automower takes around 90-135 minutes for a full charging.

viii. PIN Code:

Nobody can use the mower until it is unlocked by providing a security PIN code. This feature makes it safe from children or the people who are unfamiliar with its environment.

robotic lawn mower 3

3. Pros & Cons:

Like every other product, the Robomow RS622 robot lawn mower also presents some positive and negative aspects.


i. Simple Modular Design – The modular design of RS622 automower lets you enjoy the entire assembly of the machine. Whenever it is needed, you can easily change the parts. If you need to replace the mowing blades, for instance, you can easily do so in RS622 without the help of any extra tool.

ii. Energy Efficient –  The design is highly energy efficient and helps in saving energy. This is obviously the benefit that will keep your costs down on a long-term basis. The Robomow RS622 consumes 25 KW of energy monthly.

iii. Extended Functionality with Mobile App – Another exciting benefit that will compel you to use RS622 is its enhanced functionality with the mobile app. The purpose of the mobile app is to make consumers feel more relaxed. Having an app, you can control the automatic lawn mower from anywhere.

robotic lawn mower 2

The app supports both GPS and Bluetooth and lets you easily monitor the charging, start or stop the device, set the mowing zones, adjusting the cutting settings whenever needed.

iv. Prevents Damage of Rain/Moisture –  It is an enthralling feature that you would fall in love with. The incorporation of advanced rain sensor enables the machine to detect rain and stop working immediately. This way the robotic lawn mower will safeguard you from the damages of rain or adverse weather conditions.

v. Anti-Theft System – The consumer is related in terms of the safety of the device. The device is equipped with an advanced anti-theft system that enables a user to lock the automatic lawn mower after every use with a Pin code. The device can be operated only when the correct PIN code is entered.


i. Not for Large Lawns –  This is a major drawback that you can experience with Robomow RS622. The autmower is suitable for a lawn up to 0.5 acres and will not be able to work proficiently on lawns with a larger size.

robotic lawn mower 4

ii. Parts Need Replacement –  Another thing that might be a bit frustrating in RS622 is that parts must be replaced. If you do not take proper care while using the mower, it can get damaged. For instance, if the mower is allowed to cross anything, it may damage the blades and you would need a replacement in that case.

4. Why Should You Buy the Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawnmower?

You have got a thorough analysis of Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawnmower with every feature explained in detail. The device comprises of an easy to use design with clear control and settings. Moreover, the mobile app extends the functionality of the device by allowing you to control the machine just with a single touch.

Besides a few pitfalls of the device, if you have a yard that is up to 0.5 acres, then Robomow RS622 is definitely a smart choice for your lawn. You will not only get a proficient lawn mowing with this automower, in fact, you will enjoy a number of benefits and advantages in terms of safety, energy efficiency and improved functionality.