Solar Powered Robotic Lawn Mowers

Do you want to enjoy the lovely mornings while drinking coffee in your yard? If yes, you must own a lawn with flawless beautiful trimmed grass. But it takes a number of hours for mowing a lawn in order to have a well-maintained shape. Operating a lawn mower to have the desired level of grass is another tedious household chore that adds further burden to your activities.
solar powered lawn mowerBut now, thanks to the great Robotics industry that intervenes to reduce our laborious tasks, we have a great machine at our service. With a robot mower, you can have everything done automatically without even your guidance. So, you can have a pretty shaped yard with perfect trimming without any difficulty anymore. There are many types of automatic lawn mowers including electric or battery powered, gasoline and even solar powered lawn mower. Before digging deeper, first, explore the insights into robotic mowers.

How Does An Automatic Lawn Mower Work?

It is preliminary to understand how a robot mower works… An automower is designed to perform lawn mowing on its own without any kind of human involvement or guidance. So, the robotic mower must be designed in a manner that it should:

– Have the capability to detect the area.

– Be able to monitor changes in the environment.

– Map the surroundings and the detected area efficiently.

– Detect objects  and avoid obstacles in the path.

– Move about the area without any problem.

The architecture of the robotic mower comprises of the following major components:

  • Control system (software with electrical parts)
  • Chasis
  • Front and rear wheels
  • Blades
  • Drive Motor
  • Mechanism to release grass
  • Control panel

1. The Control System:

The software or control system of an automatic lawn mower is the brain. It is this system that guides a robot to take  actions on the basis of information captured by sensors. This is actual a microprocessor that controls sensors and actuators and enables a robot to perform everything on its own.

solar powered lawn mower 1

2. The Navigation System:

It is critical to keep the robot mower in the desired area of the lawn and prevent it from going other places. So, the navigation system should be smart enough to guide the automower to work on the predetermined path. In this regard, a robotic mower uses a satellite connection and a wire or a video camera to detect the surroundings and the edges of the lawn.

Solar Powered Robotic Mowers Are Highly Efficient:

There are different ways to power up the mower and make it operational. One is obviously to use electricity, gas or battery-powered lawn mowers. These machines make use of electricity or gas as the basic resource to get charged. But what makes these lawn mowers really an inconvenient option is the huge CO2 emissions that pollute environment greatly.

Solar Mowers: Eco – Friendly Option:

In order to enjoy an efficient as well as eco – friendly lawn mowing, the solar powered mowers present the best option. But you should know that there is not much variety available in the market if you are interested in purchase a solar powered mower. What you can do is to include a separate solar battery charger with electric mowers to convert them into an emission-free solar lawn mower.

solar powered lawn mower 2These solar lawnmowers contain solar panels on their surfaces that get charged in the sunlight. After doing work on a single charge, the automower goes back to its base station for getting recharged. Usually, the solar mowers include base stations that use electricity for recharging. But to enjoy an environmentally friendly option, you must get the solar charger to replace those conventional base stations and can save environment from many hazards off pollution.

Advantages of a Solar Powered Lawn Mower

  • Selecting a solar-powered lawn mower over other options will definitely get your neighbours attention. More and more costumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Any green tools and eco-friendly activities can only be seen as a positive thing.
  • The sun is a free energy source, available to everyone 365 days a year
  • You can enjoy lots of cost savings with solar-powered lawn mowers, that are powered by the sunlight and not by expensive electricity or fuels

We need to automate the future and using solar powered robot mowers is a great step in this direction.

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